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Joy is my fuel. what’s yours ?

OVION genuine leather car interiors are the perfect blend of Italian luxury and homely comfort. Ovion customized genuine leather interiors create an ambience in your car which complements yours lifestyle.

It’s a way of life.

At OVION, quality is prime importance of everything we do. Be it the sourcing of leathers from across the globe or the fitment of finished product, we make sure what we execute is what we believe in.

As an Indian repository of the finest leathers from across the world, OVION adds a whole new dimension to the business of luxury.

At OVION, automotive seating division we understand the innate qualities and the behavioral patters of various types of hides over its life span. Which in turn, helps us to deliver the right on-road experience and other lifestyle demands.

Step in to join us on an exclusive journey into the realm of luxury and beyond and choose from an array of assortments from the world of OVION to enhance your lifestyle.

Various Textures.

OVION Genuine Leather comes in four different finishes to choose from. These different textures can be used against different combinations according to the individual’s taste.

Quality Materials

At OVION we use the best of the raw materials to deliver the seating comfort which lasts as long as your car lasts.Some of them being high density poly urethane foam and imported threads of nylon bonded quality.

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